NITELIFE members are:

Rachel Spencer - Lead Vocals.
Rachel is a dynamic vocalist who puts her heart and soul into every song that she sings. Her musical influences range from Susan Tedeschi and Bonnie Raitt to Led Zeppeln and everything in between.
Rachel's tribute to Janis Joplin is also one of the showcase features you will definitely not want to miss!

Mike Robinson - Lead Guitar.
Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and playing experience to the band. He has played with a number of well known acts over the years and is definitely one of Calgary's finest guitarists.

Nathan Peebles - Lead & Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboards and Vocals.
Nathan brings a unique influence to the band with multiple instruments and fantastic dynamics. He was born in Toronto, Ontario but we definitely do not hold that against him. His biggest passion in life is writing songs and creating music.
His musical influences range from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles to Tool and NIN. The music he likes is: Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, (old) Country and Grunge.

Robin Fisher - Drums & Percussion.
Robin brings many years of playing experience to the band. His knowledge of numerous styles combined with a dynamic feel and rock steady meter is the foundation for the band's solid rhythm section.

Don Wilson - Bass Guitar and Vocals.
Don is the founding member of NITELIFE and has been involved with the Calgary music scene for over 25 years. The band has been through numerous changes over the years and has now reached a new level with the best line-up of talented musicians ever.
As band leader he also handles the business side of the band.

Fred Straschnitzki - Production & Sound.
Fred has been involved with the Calgary music scene for many years. He has mixed many big name acts over the years and brings this expertise to each and every show.
Fred always ensures each NITELIFE show sounds spectacular whether indoors or outdoors.